Schreiber...expected to be confirmed by state Dems.
Schreiber...expected to be confirmed by state Dems.

Kevin Schreiber's first apartment in York City was at 234 W. Market St.

He met and proposed to his future wife, Jen, at a nearby coffee shop.

Schreiber, 32, Wednesday got another new start in his old neighborhood, this time at the Democratic Party of York County headquarters at 275 W. Market St.

The party's 14-member nomination recommendation committee unanimously voted to name him its nominee for the 95th Legislative District seat.

"I'm looking at a new path, a new career and, hopefully, a new page in life," said Schreiber, the city's director of economic and community development.

The committee will submit its nomination results Thursday to the Executive Committee of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, which will vote Feb. 9 whether to grant Schreiber ballot access as a candidate for the 95th District seat, said Bob Kefauver, chairman for the Democratic Party of York County.

Kefauver said the vote is procedural and he expects the executive committee to confirm Schreiber's nomination.

Schreiber was the lone Democratic candidate seeking the party's nomination for the 95th seat, which represents the city, North York, West York, Spring Garden Township and parts of West Manchester Township.

The seat was vacated by Eugene DePasquale, a Democrat from West York who won election in November to serve as the state's auditor general. To take the state post, DePasquale resigned his House seat.

Voters in the 95th district will be casting ballots in both a primary and a special election on May 21. Shreiber will most likely face Bryan Tate, who is expected to be confirmed Thursday as the Republican candidate by the York County Republican Party. Tate is vice president of philanthropy at the York County Community Foundation.

Schreiber said he plans to run on his record, highlighting the work he has done with local government and with state legislators, as well as his experience in policy development.

"I also understand that economic development is important to York City and the county," he said.

During Wednesday's meeting, the initial nomination for Schreiber came from Ruth Shaffer, the party's vice chair. She said Schreiber has abilities to write grants and handle money, real estate and blight issues. He also can to get people to work together to accomplish goals, Shaffer said.

She lauded Schreiber's ability to work with administrators and political and community leaders, while relating to the concerns of residents.

"He has so many positive attributes and skill sets, I'm (worried) about him being too good," Shaffer said. "He's a man for all parts of our county and our city."

After the meeting, Kefauver said three other people inquired about being 95th seat candidates but instead decided support Schreiber's candidacy after learning of his plans to run for the seat.

"That's a real testament of how highly respected he is in the community for his skill set, personality and drive."

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