Update at 6 p.m.:

A call for a person who fell through the ice at Lake Redman turned out to be a false alarm

Jacobus Fire Chief Shannon Blevins said rescue crews arrived at the scene and found that no one had actually fallen through the ice.

A driver on Interstate 83 called York County 911 to report that someone had fallen through the ice near the boat launch.

However, after speaking with people at the lake, the call turned out to be false, Blevins said.

"Actually no one fell in," he said.

Previously reported:

Someone fell into the ice-covered Lake Redman, according to York County 911 radio transmissions.

Crews were dispatched to the incident at 5:05 p.m.

A caller told a dispatcher that a person fell through the ice about 100 yards from shore.

Check back later for additional details.