Vicki Hess of Lower Windsor Township rings up a lottery ticket Tuesday at Mount Rose Beer and Soda.
Vicki Hess of Lower Windsor Township rings up a lottery ticket Tuesday at Mount Rose Beer and Soda. (Bil Bowden photo)

Check your numbers. A beer mart in Spring Garden Township has made someone very lucky.

Mount Rose Beer and Soda, 1022 Mt. Rose Ave., sold a jackpot-winning Match 6 Lotto ticket worth $2.2 million from Jan. 28, the Pennsylvania Lottery announced Tuesday.

"Match 6 lottery players have been waiting a while for this jackpot to be hit," said Gary Miller, a Pennsylvania Lottery spokesman. "They've been waiting since unsually long run for Match 6."

The ticket correctly matched all six winning numbers, 09-20-25-26-46-49, to win a jackpot of $2.2 million, minus 25 percent federal withholding, according to the Lottery. Miller said there is no state tax on lottery winnings in Pennsylvania.

Lottery officials can't confirm the identity of the jackpot winner until the prize is claimed and the ticket is validated. Winners have one year from the drawing date to claim prizes, and the ticket-holder is encouraged to sign the back of the winning ticket and call the Lottery at 717-702-8146. The winner should file a claim at any of Lottery's seven area offices or at Lottery headquarters in Dauphin County, the Lottery advised.

Mount Rose Beer and Soda will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket for the jackpot, but manager Tiffany Snedegar said store owners are waiting for the winner to step forward before making plans for the money.

The store underwent a major renovation just a couple years ago, she said.

Snedegar said the store sells lots of tickets, but it hasn't sold such a valuable winner in the 10 years she's worked there.

"We got the news this morning and it's pretty exciting," she said. "We're hoping it's a regular customer that we know, but even if it's not, it's somebody's life that's completely changed. We sold a Cash 5 (winner) before, but nothing ever for more than $1 million."

Miller said York is one of the "winningest counties in the midstate," out-winning some more populous counties.

For the 2011-2012 fiscal year, Yorkers won more than $58.2 million. That compares to $55.3 million in Lancaster, $48.5 million in Dauphin, and $34 million in Cumberland, he said.

"Typically, more population means more sales and more winners," he said.

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