After nearly seven years as a York City employee, Kevin Schreiber will resign next week from his position as director of community and economic development.

The 32-year-old Democratic candidate for the 95th state House District will spend his final hours working in City Hall on Friday, Feb. 8.

Schreiber said his decision to resign stems from a 1939 law that prohibits federal employees from running in partisan elections. The Hatch Act places the same restriction on state and local government workers whose jobs are connected to federal dollars.

As a city director, Schreiber supervises a department supported by federal funding.

Schreiber will become the Democratic Party's official nominee when the Executive Committee of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party votes Feb. 9 to grant him ballot access.

"I've known all along that this was a piece of it that I'd have to be ready for. It's bittersweet," Schreiber said. "I've enjoyed working for the city for the better part of seven years now. Leaving any job that you enjoy is generally difficult."

But, Schreiber said, expect to see him around. In addition to campaigning, Schreiber said he will occasionally serve the city in a volunteer capacity.

"I'm not going to let projects that I've been working on ... fall by the wayside," he said. "I'll be volunteering time to the city to ensure that projects continue to proceed."

He cited the Northwest Triangle and the multimillion-dollar redevelopment project at the former Maple Press and Bi-Comp Inc.


building on York Street as examples.

"I'm hoping that I can do more for the city from the state House and be just as impactful as an advocate, if not more," Schreiber said.

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