The Jeep Cherokee found by Officer Dennis Brillhart
The Jeep Cherokee found by Officer Dennis Brillhart (Submitted)

An unconscious, bleeding Hanover man was saved by a Southwestern Regional Police officer Sunday after being ejected from his vehicle.

Douglas Morris, 28, is in intensive care at York Hospital as of Wednesday after being thrown from his Jeep Cherokee in North Cororus Township by Officer Dennis Brillhart.

Brillhart noticed a "faint and distant light" around 1:30 a.m. Sunday near a small stream off of Salem Road. That light was a headlight of the Jeep, which was nose-down in the stream. Brillhart didn't see anyone in the car but soon found Morris unconscious and lying against a tree in freezing conditions.

Police believe Morris was traveling westbound on Salem Road near Joseph Road when he crossed the eastbound lane and struck a guardrail. Morris was ejected, while his car landed 150 feet away from the road. It's not yet known why his car left the road or how long he was left in the underbrush.

The police department lauded Brillhart for his observational skills, as he helped rescue a man with serious inuries.

"Brillhart was able to observe the one thing that would allow anyone to (see) the crash scene, the faintly lit headlight," Chief Gregory Bean said in a release.

The department continues to investigate the incident.