CARLISLE - A central Pennsylvania county is considering pulling polling places out of schools in response to safety concerns.

Cumberland County elections director Penny Brown says she's recommending that the county stop using schools as polling places.

The Sentinel of Carlisle reports she says she's making the recommendation because of public perception that children may be put in danger by people coming into the schools in the wake of last month's school shootings in Newtown, Conn.

She says she doesn't think children are put in danger, but that there is public perception they are. The county currently uses six public schools as polling places.

Commissioners Chairwoman Barb Cross says she wants to attend a safe schools forum next week before making a decision on the issue.

York County director of elections Nikki Suchanic said she does not plan to pull her polling places from schools, but would be willing to accommodate a site change if it was requested.

Suchanic said there are less than half a dozen polls located in schools, mostly in York City. Precautions are in place to limit where voters can go in the school, she added.