Dover Area School Board will vote Monday on next year's proposed school calendar that pushes up the start date a week ahead of this year's first day of school.

The proposed staggered start date is Wednesday, Aug. 21 and Thursday, Aug. 22, with school wrapping up Wednesday, June 4.

Students in kindergarten through seventh grade and ninth grade would start a day earlier than other students.

Superintendent Robert Krantz said Dover, like many York County school districts, is trying to get a more consistent, county-wide schedule, which eases transportation and other issues.

It also would allow for a week of additional prep time for the state's Keystone Exams achievement tests, taken in December.

Dover started Aug. 28-29 this year.

"This is a good step," Krantz said.

Most parents' feedback has been positive so far, he said. There have been some concerns about starting earlier, but there are also concerns about ending the school year in mid-June, which can happen with a later start date and some snow make-up dates, he said.

The school board meets at 7 p.m. Monday.

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