They want to build a garden for all schools. To provide healthy food. And bring people together and show them how to care of something that is bigger than themselves.

That's what students from Logos Academy, New Hope Academy Charter School, the School District of York and Lincoln Charter Schools had to say at Wednesday's meeting about the new Hope Street Garden and Learning Lab.

The garden is a York community initiative and will be in a space just under an acre on West Hope Avenue in the city.

Committees are in place to decide on safety, design and other plans for the garden, said Anne Clark, community outreach specialist for Lincoln Charter Schools, and facilitator for the project.

Frank T. Hawkins, Sr., vice president of Salem Square Community Association and head of the safety committee, has helped establish designated walking paths for students to get from their school to the garden.

Everyone is welcome to attend the cleanup and groundbreaking day on Saturday, March 16.

The garden will be taken care of by students throughout the year, Clark said.

Experts in the community will decide what is best to plant initially, and in future years students will have a say in what they plant, she said.

Distribution plans for the food are still being decided upon, Clark said.

Lincoln Charter School principal George Fitch said the project is bringing everyone together and "has a fantastic focus on the city of York.



"When you have children at the forefront, that's when everyone can put aside their differences," Fitch said.

Students from York College will partner with the project, providing manpower and serving as mentors for students.

Some of the other organizations working together on the project are the Crispus Attucks Youthbuild Charter School, The City of York, Salem Square Community Association, Grace Fellowship (Shrewsbury), The York City Bureau of Health, YMCA, First Fruit Farms, Dig-It, Penn Street Market, Girl Scouts, Penn State Extension, and Katallasso Family Health Center.

The next community meeting will be Wednesday, Feb. 20.

To get involved or donate resources, contact Clark at 717-817-4019 or

- Reach Chelsea Shank at 505-5432 or