Chief Thomas Hyers
Chief Thomas Hyers

Springettsbury Township Police Chief Thomas Hyers will meet with Vice President Joe Biden and others Monday in a roundtable discussion about mass shooting incidents.

"I'm really honored to be at that table," he said of the invitation. "I think it's a tremendous opportunity for law enforcement in Central Pennsylvania. Very rarely do small agencies get to sit at the table with large agencies. It's a big honor."

The main topics of discussion will be gun violence and law enforcement needs to address it, he said.

Hyers said he'll tell Biden he believes there should be a national template for what's known as "active-shooter incidents" and other emergencies. He'll also stress the need for improved training and collaboration between police and school officials regarding active-shooter incidents.

Hyers said he doesn't intend to sit quietly during the discussion.

He said collaboration between police and school officials is integral to coming up with strategies before a tragedy happens.

"It's an uncomfortable conversation to have," the chief acknowledged, but likened such preparation to fire drills in schools.

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