A local dog won best of breed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Monday.

GCH Surrey Sugar Baby, owned by Ron Scott and Debbie Burke of Dillsburg, was the top miniature poodle during the 137th annual show.

However, she failed to get past the best in group category, meaning she won't compete for the coveted best in show title on Tuesday.

Surrey Sugar Baby also won best of breed at Westminster in 2011.

Westminster features dogs in 187 breeds and varieties with a pair of newcomers, the treeing Walker coonhound and the Russell terrier.

On Monday night, three-time best-of-breed affenpinscher Banana Joe won the toy group. Jewel, an American foxhound, was the top hound. Honor the bichon frise won the nonsporting group. Swagger, an old English sheepdog, took the herding group.

On Tuesday, the sporting, working and terrier breeds will compete in their categories and the best in show award will be announced.

Echo, a Labrador retriever owned by Jeff Moore of Felton, will compete in the sporting group.

Also in the sporting group will be Connor, Simon and Bravo, three English springer spaniels that belong to Deb Kirk of York Township.