About 40 students on their way to Friendship Elementary School Wednesday morning had to evacuate the bus they were being transported in because it caught fire.

The bus driver noticed smoke coming from the rear engine compartment of the bus when he was near the intersection of Route 516 and Tannery Road in Codorus Township, said Wayne McCullough, chief financial and operations officer for Southern York County School District.

The bus driver pulled the bus off the road around 8:30 a.m. and had students evacuate the bus, said McCullough.

Following the evacuation, the bus sustained significant fire damage, he said.

State police were at the scene and released the children to be transported on another bus. Parents were notified of the incident and all of the children were checked by school nurses.

"We believe at this point there were no injuries," McCullough said.

The cause of the problem is still being determined, he said.

"We are very pleased that the bus driver was very proactive, and that as soon as the driver saw the smoke he had the bus evacuated," said Thomas R. Hensley, superintendent for Southern School District.