As of Monday, York City is without a full-time solicitor.

Mark Elion has accepted another position and spent his last day on the York City payroll Friday, Mayor Kim Bracey said.

Elion took the job as full-time solicitor around the beginning of Bracey's term in 2010. He is an excellent lawyer, and his departure is a loss for the city, Bracey said.

"We're happy, delighted for him," Bracey said. "We wish him well."

The city aims to replace Elion "as soon as possible," Bracey said. Interviews are already under way.

Longtime assistant city solicitor Don Hoyt remains as a part-time attorney for the city.

Other vacancies: Meanwhile, the search is also on for an assistant business administrator, a position included in the city's budget for the first time this year. That person will work alongside business administrator Michael O'Rourke.

After approving the position for the 2013 budget in December, city officials had said they needed some time to develop a job description before advertising the position and hiring someone.

As of Friday, an ad on the city's website describes the job as "high level, complex and technical administrative work" that includes time spent on the city's risk-management program, financial reports and the annual budget and audit.

The job is advertised to pay between $54,239 and $81,403, depending on experience and education.

According to the city's online job listings, other available full-time positions include a technology network administrator, a nursing supervisor in the Bureau of Health and an equipment operator in the Highway Bureau, among others.


Available seasonal positions include a part-time batting-cage operator and a coordinator at Voni Grimes Gym.

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