Cory Robert Krug
Cory Robert Krug (submitted)

A suspect has been identified and charged with a burglary in Glen Rock Borough on Friday, as well as other burglaries in the Glen Rock area in March and October of 2012, according to the Southern Regional Police Department.

Cory Robert Krug, 23, no fixed address, was located on Friday in Glen Rock in possession of the stolen money, police said.

Police said Krug admitted to the burglary and to other burglaries in the Clen Rock area when interviewed and presented with evidence.

Krug was charged and is being held in York County Prison on $25,000 bail and a probation detainer, said police.

He will receive additional charges in connection with the other burglaries, police said.

The other burglaries included a night time burglary of an occupied residence on Hayward Heights, an attempted burglary of an occupied residence on Hayward Heights, and a burglary of an unoccupied residence on Baltimore Street during the daytime, according to police.