The York City Financial Advisory Committee wants ideas from the community about improving the city schools' fiscal and academic future.

The 20-person committee is coming up with recommendations to transform the York City School District after the state identified it as in "moderate" financial recovery.

David Meckley, the state-appointed chief recovery officer overseeing the committee, said ideas are welcome anytime from anyone, but in particular by the next committee meeting Wednesday, March 13.

The committee soon wants to start vetting ideas and doing further analysis.

Recommendations don't need to come complete with research to be considered, he added.

"Right now it's about ideas," Meckley said.

An academic advisor, paid by the state, is being brought on soon to help analyze ideas, he said, in addition to the financial consultants PFM, based in Philadelphia.

The issues: Ideally, any suggestion would hit three high-impact ideas: financial stability, health and safety of students, and academic achievement.

Meckley said he and the Department of Education would like any solution for York City to address all three.

Meckley is going to make a report to the York City School Board this spring, probably around April, in order for the board to take a vote.

Implementation of a plan would start to kick in immediately if the board approves the plan. If the board votes the plan down, the state could appoint a receiver who would take power away from the board and enforce the plan.


So far, the most high-profile recommendation came from a joint committee of advocacy groups YorkCounts and the York County Community Foundation. They recommended at a recent meeting that York City convert entirely to charter schools run by nonprofits.

To submit an idea, contact Meckley or an advisory committee member. Contact information can be found at or email

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