Pamela Leiphart
Pamela Leiphart

A Spring Grove woman with a decade-long history of theft is now facing trial for allegedly stealing nearly $90,000 from her own mother.

Pamela Ann Leiphart, 52, of 1401 Chami Drive, is free on $10,000 bail, charged with 1,822 counts of offenses including forgery, identity theft, bad checks, access device fraud, receiving stolen property and theft by unlawful taking.

She was arraigned Friday on the charges, according to court records, and has a pretrial conference set for March 19.

Leiphart's attorney, public defender Rebecca Coy, declined comment at this point in the case.

Northern York County Regional Police on Dec. 19 filed charges on behalf of Leiphart's mother, Nancy Mummert, who lives in a local retirement community.

The allegations: Police allege Leiphart forged 61 of her mother's checks and fraudulently used seven debit and credit cards in Mummert's name 785 times since January 2012.

Leiphart confessed to forging the checks, fraudulently using the cards, and to opening credit-card accounts in her mother's name without the woman's permission, according to her arrest affidavit.

In all, she stole $88,823.98 from her mother, the affidavit states.

Police said Leiphart told officers she used the money for shopping and living expenses, and also said she cut up all the cards she had in her mother's name after being caught by her sister, Yvonne Mummert.

It was Yvonne Mummert who alerted police.

Criminal record: Since 2003, Leiphart has been charged four times with retail theft, twice with forgery and once with theft by unlawful taking, court records reveal.

She pleaded guilty in all seven cases.

Records indicate Leiphart is more than two years overdue on paying her court costs, fines and restitution in most of the cases -- to the tune of about $4,822.

As part of her past criminal cases, she was admitted into the county's drug treatment court program, designed to provide extra help to defendants whose crimes were caused by drug-addiction issues.

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