Residents have nearly two months to prepare for a public hearing about a local company's plan to expand its limestone-mining operation further into York City.

York Building Products wants to quarry 16 acres of currently undeveloped land it owns in the city's northwestern corner.

But first, the company needs the residential zoning there changed to an "employment center district."

Amending the city's zoning map is up to the York City Council, which voted Tuesday to refer the company's request to the city and county planning commissions for a recommendation from each.

Then, on April 16, the council has scheduled a tentative 6 p.m. public hearing on the matter.

"It's a chance for everybody to get on record what they want to say about it," said Council President Carol Hill-Evans.

The council also has a regularly scheduled meeting April 16, beginning with public comment at 6:30 p.m. If 30 minutes is not enough time to hear from everyone about the zoning request, the council will reconvene the hearing at a later date, Hill-Evans said.

No matter what, the council will not vote on the company's zoning request April 16, she added.

Even if the council approves the company's request for a zoning change, that's not a green light for more quarrying.

York Building Products would still need the council's "conditional use" approval to use the land for a quarry.

"This is not the end of it," Hill-Evans said. "This is really pretty much the beginning.



York Building Products owns a 216-acre quarry that borders Route 30 to the west and Greenmount Cemetery to the south in West Manchester Township. Another 42 acres of mined land sits within city limits, bordered most closely by residential streets and a school.

The company's development consultant, Joe Musso, explained at an earlier meeting that York Building Products purchased another 16 acres from the cemetery's owners about five years ago.

Eventually, Musso said, the company wants to mine that land.

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