A Red Lion-area man who died about three weeks after being badly beaten in a convenience-store parking lot did not die of his injuries.

The cause of death for Ian O'Toole, 24, of Hopewell Township, was pneumonia complicated by mixed drug toxicity, according to York County Deputy Coroner Steve Cosey, who ruled the death an accident.

Cosey declined to say what drugs were in O'Toole's system, but said they were not prescribed for his injuries.

O'Toole died Oct. 9, about three weeks after being beaten by Benjamin Robert Blair, according to York Area Regional Police.

York County District Attorney Tom Kearney said prosecutors were waiting for the results of O'Toole's autopsy and toxicology tests to determine whether Blair should face additional charges.

That will not happen, the district attorney said.

No link: "We were trying to determine whether a connection could be made between the death and the beating," Kearney said. "We determined that it could not be established, and therefore we're only capable of bringing the aggravated assault charges."

The case against Blair, 23, of 115 S. Franklin St. in Red Lion, is pending. He remains free on bail, charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and harassment.

He is accused of attacking O'Toole on Sept. 16 in the parking lot of Royal Farms, at the corner of South Queen Street and Leader Heights Road.

O'Toole was a passenger in a car being driven by his friend, William Prescott III. After Prescott pulled into the parking lot, a woman blocked them in with her vehicle, yelling they'd nearly run her off the road, police said.

That woman -- Abrianna Martinez, according to court documents -- is the mother of Blair's child, according to police, and she summoned Blair to the scene.

Alleged attack: Blair arrived and began assaulting Prescott, according to court documents. When Prescott yelled for help, O'Toole ran to him.

"(Blair) picked up and body-slammed Ian O'Toole to the ground," Prescott testified at a preliminary hearing in November. "I heard his head crack on the ground."

Prescott said Blair then got on top of O'Toole and started punching him "over and over again" in the head. He said he got out of his car, at which point Blair fled the scene.

O'Toole was left "lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood," Prescott testified.

O'Toole's injuries included broken bones to his right eye and right upper cheek, facial bruising and two fractured wrist bones, according to police.

Mutual fight? But at Blair's preliminary hearing, defense attorney Shawn Curry argued the incident was a fight, not an attack.

"They charged each other," he said. "They engaged in a mutual confrontation."

Also at that time, he said it was too early to speculate about whether O'Toole's death was a homicide.

On Monday, Curry said his caution was warranted.

"At the time of the preliminary hearing, the collective wisdom was that it was simply a matter of time until Ben would be charged with homicide," he said. "This is why the Constitution affords us all the presumption of innocence."

-- Staff writer Liz Evans Scolforo can also be reached at levans@yorkdispatch.com.