Here's a breakdown covering some of the impact of sequestration - an across-the-board federal budget cut scenario set to go into effect March 1 - on Pennsylvania, according to Sen. Bob Casey's office. Specifics on local impact weren't yet available.

* About 78,000 jobs lost overall

* $900 million in cuts to Small Business Assistance loans

* Fewer inspections by the Food and Drug Administration on food manufacturers

* 2,300 fewer children able to use Head Start and Early Head Start early childhood education services

* $26.4 million in K-12 funding cuts. About 360 teacher jobs would be at risk, in addition to $21.4 million in cuts for special education.

* 1,800 disadvantaged children could lose access to child care.

* 5,280 fewer children would receive vaccines.

* 26,000 civilian Department of Defense furloughs * $5.7 million in environmental funding cuts in programs that ensure clean water and air quality

* $849,000 in funding for meals for seniors

Sequestration is a series of automatic, across-the-board cuts to government agencies, totaling $1.2 trillion over 10 years. The cuts would be split 50-50 between defense and domestic discretionary spending.