York is in for a couple of rainy days, with some snow and sleet thrown in on Tuesday.

Tuesday will see a mix of rain and snow during the day Tuesday, changing to all rain after 4 p.m., according to the National Weather Service. More than an inch of precipitation is possible by Wednesday morning. Tuesday's high will be 44 and the low 40, Winds will be from the east at up to 16-21 mph.

Wednesday will begin with drizzle and rain showers, with a high of 53 and west winds at 5-9 mph, the forecast said.

Wednesday night will have rain and snow showers, changing to snow after midnight, the NWS said. Little accumulation is expected. The low will be 35.

Thursday will be cloudy, with a chance of rain and snow showers, the forecast said. The high will be 44 and the low 30.

Friday through Sunday will be mostly to partly cloudy, with highs around 40 and lows around 25, the service said.