York City has not heard the last of the proposed Championship Academy of Distinction .

Cynthia Dotson, who came up with the idea, vowed to make her dream a reality despite the York City School Board last Wednesday turning down her charter application for the second straight year.

The charter school would be a fitness and sports-themed K-3 charter school based at the YWCA, with visits by professional athletes and a focus on healthy eating, among other features.

"Championship Academy of Distinction will be an operating school within the School District of the City of York. It's only a matter of time," said Dotson, who owns a home and has family in York City but lives in Florida.

Dotson, who was not in attendance when the board made its decision, said the board never gave her a chance, and that its legal counsel made numerous unfounded claims when citing why her application was insufficient.

School board president Margie Orr said York City has no need for a health-focused school, and that the district doesn't need the "added burden."

The board had particular issues with Championship's budget, but Dotson said it was balanced and didn't even include possible grant funding.

"You've got a $9 million deficit, and you're going to tell me my budget is not sustainable?" Dotson said.

Next step: Championship can either file with the state for an appeal or resubmit an application to York City.


Dotson said she's bringing on a new attorney well-versed in education to comb through the district's comments on why the board turned down the application. Then Dotson's team will see what the best course of action would be for Championship.

There will be action, Dotson promised. Dotson submitted an application two years ago, which was also turned down by the board.

Dotson said she thought she had corrected past deficiencies, but said "you can't submit an application to a district that doesn't want you."

"I'm not going to give up," Dotson said.

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