Elected officials in West York will receive a whopping $1 pay after a resident urged them during the council meeting Monday night to take a pay decrease.

However, it's not known whether the council members and the mayor will be paid $1 a month or $1 per meeting.

As resident Lori Howard voiced her support of the borough's police department, she told council members that if they want to curb costs, they should lead by example and work for $1.

Cost was one of the reasons the council had looked into hiring an outside police department to provide service to the borough. However, the council voted 4-3 to discard proposals, keeping the department.

Howard's comments came before the vote was cast and included asking council members and Mayor Sam Firestone to raise their hands if they'd agree to be paid $1 for their services.

All six elected officials present at the meeting raised their hands.

Vote: Howard then urged the council to take an official vote on the pay decrease.

Council member Shane Louthian made a motion to reduce pay to $1, which passed unanimously. Councilwoman Dawn Shue was not present at the meeting.

The motion didn't stipulate if council members and mayor will be paid $1 per month or $1 per meeting. The council meets twice a month.

When asked which rate elected officials will be paid, Louthian said "good question.



Either way, it won't save taxpayers that much money.

Council members and the mayor are paid $50 a month, Louthian said during a recess from the meeting.

Officials previously took a 50 percent pay cut as they hashed out the 2012 budget.

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