After about two decades of waiting, music teacher Andrew Apgar and Dover Area Intermediate School finally found the key.

As it turns out, the key - or rather, 88 of them - was waiting across the county at a church.

Apgar had been wanting to replace an old piano, but, with tight budgets, never had funding available.

"The keys would get stuck," Apgar said.

That includes, at one holiday concert, the middle "C" key deciding to stay put.

"We had to go through the concert with no middle C," he said.

How it happened: Seemingly out of nowhere, local piano tuner David Nace heard Living Word Community Church in Red Lion was considering selling its Young Chang grand piano, only about a decade old, but rarely used because the church is using more electronic music.

Nace knew Dover wanted a piano, so he connected the two.

Living Word agreed to sell the piano for less than market value. Living Word worship leader Chris Smith said a donation from a church member who has since passed away originally helped the church obtain the piano.

That church member would be pleased to know it will be used by students, he said. "What excited us about the school being able to pick it up is it would immediately benefit students," Smith said.

Apgar said the Dover Eagle Foundation gave a grant for half the $4,000 needed, while other area donors and the high school music boosters filled in the rest.

He and his students got his piano, without spending a taxpayer dime.


Community program: The piano was acquired last fall, and a community program will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday at the intermediate school to dedicate the piano purchase.

"I already saw a difference in the holiday concert in the quality and pitch," Apgar said.

Apgar has invited some Dover alums who have gone on to pursue music to come back and perform, as well as students.

"(Students) can sing with an instrument that's worthy of their voices," Apgar said.

And everyone is invited to join a few choral numbers, he said.

A practice run will be held at 6 p.m., but even those who don't make it can still jump on stage for the group numbers at the main show. The show is open to the public.

Eagle Foundation member Theresa Eschbach said the foundation was more than pleased to help Dover get the piano.

"It's also heartwarming to see the grants we are able to give are really making a difference the lives of students. It's not just a one-time experience. It's not just one concert. This piano will be in use for many years," Eschbach said.

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