Sam Young Sr. had no idea he'd be on television.

Winning $1,000.

Spinning the Big Wheel.

Bidding on cars.

He had no idea, in fact, he'd be on "The Price is Right" because his wife, Sharon, hadn't told him in advance.

The West York couple had been on vacation in California in January when Sharon sprung the news she had tickets to see a taping of the famed game show.

"She said, 'By the way, oh yes, we are going to the Price is Right tomorrow,'" Young said with a laugh.

That was far from the last surprise. Young, 60, had his name called to "Come on down!" as one of the first four people on Contestant's Row, all vying to correctly bid on a prize so they can get on stage.

Young, an electrical engineer laughed as he recalled his wife shouting, "They are calling your name!"

"I didn't think in a million years they would call me up there," he said.

The episode aired Friday, and Young could be seen in full celebration mode as he ran down to Contestant's Row. He soon successfully bid $900 on a package of DVDs, a DVD player and 3D glasses, getting him on stage with host Drew Carey.

Young didn't have much luck in trying to win a new car, though. He couldn't guess the right price on "Pocket Change," in which contestants have to choose from random numbers the correct order of the price. Each incorrect guess adds a "quarter" to the price of the car, starting from zero, with the goal of keeping the price low so you can pick envelopes with certain amounts of "change" in them and have enough to buy the car.

Young had a slew of wrong answers to get the price up at $1.50, and he couldn't save himself by picking envelopes with enough "Pocket Change" to buy the car.

All wasn't lost, though. Young went on to get a perfect spin on the Big Wheel, earning him $1,000 and a spot in the Showcase Showdown.

And if he would have been able to see his wife - a camera blocked her - and her suggestion, he might have won the showcase, too.

He bid $40,000 on a package that included a new car, luxury chairs and more. He way overbid. His wife, Young said, almost nailed it.

"The price I yelled out was extremely exorbitant," he joked.

Young joined what has become an impressive list of Yorkers on "Price is Right."

York County has had two contestants on the show since November, when Theresa Dark, a York College senior, got a perfect bid to get on stage, got two perfect spins to earn cash on the Big Wheel, and won the Showcase Showdown, for a total of $52,000 in cash and prizes. In December, Megan "Molly" Cutright, a Red Land High School graduate, won a trip to Canada on the show.

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