Bette Spitz said she won't be excited about watching her company's product be burned on an ABC television show at 10 p.m. Wednesday.

"But we're out there worldwide and we're excited about that," she said. "We will be watching, absolutely."

Spitz, 54, and her husband Mike Spitz, 58, both of York Township, are owners and operators of ATR Magnetics, an analog tape manufacturing company in Manchester Township.

One of their tapes will be burned in a scene on "Nashville," at 10 p.m. Wednesday on ABC.

The show is about two country music singers' battle against each other while going through struggles in their private lives, according to the show's website.

"One of the (singers) is going to take a tape off a shelf, take it in a back alley and burn it as part of the story line," Spitz said.

The show also will use 50 empty ATR Magnetics boxes as props in another scene, she said. The boxes came from the company's dealer in Nashville.

The show contacted the dealer about four weeks ago about buying some tape and boxes for Wednesday's episode, Spitz said.

The boxes were made by York Container, and the blue wrap on the boxes was made by local Strine Printing Co. Inc., Spitz said.

"When (viewers) see the tape, the boxes, everything is York County," she said. "That is pretty special."

An ATR Magnetics tape also was shown - on a wall - during a "Men in Black" movie, Spitz said.

Another tape is shown in the documentary "Sound City," about Sound City Studios in Los Angeles, she said.


The documentary was created by Dave Grohl, a former member of rock bands Nirvana and Foo Fighters.

Also, rock star David Bowie used the company's tape to do recording for a new album, Spitz said. The recording was used for the digital presentation, she said.

"Artists still use tape because you can get the best quality of sound for our ears to listen to," she said.

ATR Magnetics was started eight years ago, Spitz said.

"And it's been accepted worldwide," she said. "It feels really good that we're making a little bit of an impression on the recording industry."

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