Two men abducted a woman from a York City CVS store as she delivered pharmaceuticals Thursday morning, forcing her to drive her van to Interstate 83 and later handcuffing her while they stole her inventory.

Police were notified after the terrified woman, still handcuffed and having freed herself of a pillowcase placed over her head, escaped from the back of the parked van and waved down southbound motorists near the Leader Heights Exit, said York City Police Lt. Tim Utley.

Officers are looking for suspects, and it's likely that passing motorists near the split at the former Dead Man's Curve saw a getaway vehicle, but didn't realize what was happening, said York City Police Lt. Tim Utley. The men had loaded the drugs into that vehicle.

He said the incident began around 9 a.m., when the woman was delivering pharmaceuticals to the CVS on South Richland Avenue.

"When she came out after going inside, she was approached by two black males...in their 40s or 50s," he said.

One showed a handgun, and the two forced her into her two-tone blue Ford van. They made her drive to Country Club Road, turning right onto George Street and entering the interstate, Utley said.

They forced handcuffs on her and made her pull over near the Leader Heights Exit, forcing her into the back of the van, where they covered her head with a pillowcase and made her lie down, Utley said.

The men took pharmaceuticals from the vehicle, apparently loading them into a vehicle that had pulled up behind the van and might have followed the men to the highway for the exchange, Utley said.

"So obviously there was at least a third (suspect) driving the other vehicle," he said.

He said police are still investigating how much and what was taken from the van, but it might have included narcotics.

The men took off, leaving the woman in the van. She removed the pillowcase and exited the van, flagging down a car and asking the driver to call police.

"Obviously, I'm sure she was pretty rattled," he said. "She left (the city police station) with a representative of the delivery company."

The woman, whose name and city of residence has not been released, was not injured and didn't require medical treatment, he said.

Anyone with information, including motorists who might've seen the van and the vehicle that followed, is asked to call police at 846-1234 or 849-2219.