Starting on or around April 22, the Dover Area School District will have a new assistant superintendent. By a vote of 6-3, the school board Monday elected to hire Jason Conway at a pro-rated salary of $115,000 per year, plus benefits.

Board members Dan Sindlinger, Terry Emig and Kirsten Ventre opposed Conway's hiring. Board members Julie Ann Emig, Phillip Herman, Rob McIlvaine, Bryan Rehm, Christy Rehm, and Bernadette Reinking supported the motion.

After the meeting, Ventre said her vote was "purely financial, not personal," and that it had nothing to do with Conway's qualifications and everything to do with the $3.9 million deficit the district is facing.

During the board comment before the vote, Superintendent Robert Krantz encouraged the board to hire Conway, citing what he said is the undue burden placed on his other administrators - four in the elementary schools, two in the middle school, two in the high school, and one at the administrative building in addition to him - to meet the ever-growing needs of the district.

After the meeting, Conway was exuberant. "This is my professional dream come true," the York County native said. "I've wanted to take on a position such as this - it's what I've wanted since deciding to become an administrator. The good Lord put me here," he said.


He and his wife live with their elementary-school-age son in the district, and Conway said he was especially excited about "making decisions that will affect Brooks' (his son's) education, and the other children in the district."

Krantz was equally "thrilled," he said. "Ultimately, I've been in education for 36 years. I'm not going to be here forever," he added.

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