While unappetizing, explosive sounds coming from a restaurant bathroom don't normally cause fear and alarm.

But that's exactly what happened Wednesday night in the Burger King at 490 Loucks Road in Manchester Township, police said.

"One witness described it as a cannon going off," said Lt. David Lash of Northern York County Regional Police.

But it wasn't a cannon, Lash said -- it was a 9mm gun.

A man inside the fast-food restaurant's men's room fired a single shot from his gun about 7 p.m., according to Lash.

Moments later, the man tried to flee Burger King through an emergency-exit door, but when it wouldn't open he ran out the front door instead, the lieutenant said.

Police suspect it was an accidental discharge, Lash said. They're working to obtain video surveillance footage of him. If identified, he faces charges including discharging a weapon inside an occupied structure, Lash said, but currently there is no detailed description available.

Officers found a hole in the men's room wall and recovered a 9mm shell casing and bullet fragments from the wall, Lash said.

Anyone with information about the gunman's identity is asked to call police at (717) 292-3647 or leave a tip online at nycrpd.org.