The plan to expand a quarry further into York City is temporarily on hold.

Earlier this year, York Building Products took the first of what would have to be multiple steps toward eventually mining 16 acres of undeveloped land it owns on the edge of its 130-year-old limestone operation.

The company would first need a zoning change, followed by conditional use approval to use the land as a quarry. Amending the city's zoning map is up to the York City Council, which voted in February to refer the company's request to the city and county planning commissions for a recommendation from each.

They also set an April 16 public hearing on the matter.

But, according to a news release issued by the council Tuesday, York Building Products has withdrawn its request following a meeting with Council President Carol Hill-Evans.

"Nearby residents have contacted me to express their concerns over not knowing the company's long-range plans for the land," Hill-Evans said, according to the release. "They say they fear expansion of operations and they don't know what the impacts would be on the neighborhood that is already developed with housing."

Joe Musso, the company's development consultant, said it could be just a few months or several years before York Building Products returns with its request for a zoning change.

No decisions have been made about a future timeline, Musso said.


"We're just going to put it on hold," he said.

In the meantime, he said, York Building Products intends to establish more lines of communication and a better relationship with the neighbors who live near the quarry. For example, he said, the company could set up an email list or text-alert system to notify residents of upcoming quarry blasts.

"I think both sides need to hear from each other somewhere other than a public hearing," Musso said. "We need to inform the residents, and they need to inform us."

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