Cynthia Thomas, right, of Dallastown, appeared on the March 28 episode of "The Price Is Right." Also pictured are Thomas’ sister, Sandra
Cynthia Thomas, right, of Dallastown, appeared on the March 28 episode of "The Price Is Right." Also pictured are Thomas' sister, Sandra Moore, left, and mom Elizabeth Moore, both of Baltimore. (Submitted)

Seriously, is there something in the water?

York County had its fourth "Price is Right" game show contestant in about half a year appear on Thursday's show.

And all have taken home cash or prizes.

York Township's Cynthia Thomas didn't know that background when she went to a taping of the show. She was just having a birthday celebration for her mother, Elizabeth Moore, a longtime "Price is Right" fan.

Thomas, a Medicare analyst who works in Baltimore, ended up having a celebration of her own.

The 42-year-old mother of four got the famous "Come on down!" to contestant's row and eventually got the closest bid on a pair of kayaks.

"I guess I'm going to have to learn how to kayak," she said jokingly.

The winning bid on the kayaks also earned her the chance to join host Drew Carey on the "Price is Right" stage.

She played the game Bonkers, in which a contestant must guess whether the correct price of each digit in a prize's value is higher or lower than listed.

The prize was a trip to prison - Alcatraz in San Francisco, that is.

The list price was $7,837. Thomas had 30 seconds to keep guessing higher or lower on each number, and was close but not close enough on the correct price of $4,291.

"People at home say you can just guess that price, what are you thinking? But when you are there, it's totally blown out of the water," Thomas said.

Big winner: After getting 95 cents out of a possible $1.00 on the Big Wheel spin, Thomas got a spot in the coveted Showcase Showdown.

And that's where her mother came through big time. Presented with a prize package of women's skis, a ski trip to Vermont, and a new sedan, Thomas had no clue what to guess.

Moore, sitting in the audience, did.

"My mom was yelling $27,500," Thomas said.

She was just $912 off, a tremendous guess.

The other contestant was over by a mere $128, and since you can't be over, Thomas won.

Thomas was so excited she ran straight over and got in the car as her sister, Sandra Moore, and her mother celebrated on stage with her.

Thomas doesn't have the car yet, since winners have to wait until the show airs and then pay taxes. But it was the perfect prize, since she had been considering getting another car for her son to drive. Not that he's getting the new one.

"Oh no," she said with a laugh.

York County has had three other contestants appear on the show since November, when Theresa Dark, a York College senior, got a perfect bid to get on stage, got two perfect spins to earn cash on the Big Wheel, and won the Showcase Showdown, for a total of $52,000 in cash and prizes.

In December, Megan "Molly" Cutright, a Red Land High School graduate, won a trip to Canada on the show.

And earlier in March, an episode aired in which West York's Sam Young got a perfect spin on the Big Wheel to earn $1,000 and also won DVDs and a 3D DVD player.

If you live in York County, you might want to book a trip to get on the show ASAP while the iron is hot.

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