Four horses might have been poisoned on Snyder Corner Road in Lower Windsor Township, and the Lower Windsor Township Police Department is investigating.

A week ago, the department received a 911 complaint from owner Joseph Meyer about the dead horses, said Chief Tim Caldwell. Meyer said he suspected foul play, but Caldwell said police have been unable to reach him since then.

As the police try to keep in touch with Meyer, the SPCA of York County tries to connect the dots.

"We're just waiting to get more information from him," said Melissa Smith, executive director of the SPCA. "We really need cooperation."

Necropsy results haven't come back yet, but the deaths were not caused by starvation or equine disease, and the horses were not otherwise in poor health, she said.

Meyer owns Allimax Farm in Lancaster County, according to police.

In an email response to inquires from The York Dispatch, he said a total of nine of his horses have died so far. He added that the food found in one dead horse's stomach didn't quite match up with what should have been there.

"The state lab found grain in Poe's stomach. He did not have grain that day ... the unfamiliar grain points to someone coming in and planting contaminated grain," the email said.

A similar event happened three years ago on his Lancaster farm, Meyers said in the email.

Five Morgans and part Morgans - all from the same bloodline - have died, as well as three miniature horses and one Shetland pony, according to Meyers' email.