An Arizona man told a group of people in a Fairview Township motel room that he was police officer as he banged on their door Saturday night, demanding to be let in.

When the real police showed up after being called to Motel 6, 200 Commerce Drive, Blas Mirko Mladosich, 41, of Buckeye, Ariz., allegedly threatened to throw a piece of furniture through a window at two officers, according to his charging documents.

For his antics, Mladosich is charged with criminal mischief, disordering conduct and public drunkenness. Bail was set at $25,000 when he was arraigned at central booking over the weekend, documents state.

Wrong room: A woman told police she accidentally walked into Mladosich's motel room, which was near the one she was staying in, via an open door about 8:50 p.m. and found him sitting on a bed, documents state.

The woman immediately left, went toward her room and knocked on its door to get friends to let her in. As she was knocking on the door, Mladosich left his room and was staring at her.

Friends let the woman into the room, and a short time later, the group heard someone pounding on the door. They looked through a peephole and saw a fist clenching Mladosich standing in front of the door and heard him yelling; "Open the door, it's the cops," documents state.

Mladosich threatened to break down the door if they didn't open it and continued to pound on the door. He broke a window, causing about $550 in damage, and returned to his room, documents state.


Knock knock: When two officers did some door-knocking of their own, this time on Mladosich's motel room door, the man told officers to (expletive) "off. Stop knocking on my door," documents state.

He then threw open a curtain and, with his fists clenched, continued to yell and picked up a piece of furniture and threatened to throw it through a window at the officers, documents state.

The officers were able to get into the room where Mladosich, who police said appeared to be extremely intoxicated, continued to act aggressively. Officers used a stun gun to subdue him, documents state.

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