Local parents and grandparents will be able to find deals for their little ones this weekend.

The WeeUsables Consignment Event will feature about 200 York County consignors who will sell gently used maternity, baby and children's clothing, shoes, toys, strollers and other items. Admission is free.

WeeUsables owner Lori Hartmann has held these events in Lancaster since 2010 and added a York location in the spring and fall of 2012.

Last March, about 2,100 shoppers came to the Goodwill Fire Co. hall for the York event, she said. The fall event, held at the York Learning Center in North York, was less successful as it coincided with Hurricane Sandy, she said.

Based on the response from the community, Hartmann decided to increase the size of the third and biggest York event by hosting it at the Old Main building at the York Expo Center. The items at the event are sold by local people, and those interested in selling their items this weekend may register online until Wednesday evening.

The goods: Hartmann said that although the event features much more clothing for younger, smaller children, it carries maternity and teen sizes as well. The spring sale will feature shorts, short-sleeve shirts, lightweight pants and jackets, jeans, tank tops and beach gear.

Hartmann said event staff go through items to ensure quality and remove expired items or those that have been recalled by their manufacturers.


No stained, torn, broken or incomplete items are accepted, she said.

"We do not want junk," she said. "We really want it to be something you'd pass on to your best friend and not be embarrassed to show them."

The event accepts cash, Pennsylvania-addressed checks, MasterCard, Discover and Visa.

Buying and selling:Hartmann said since kids grow out of clothes so quickly, shopping for deals or selling gently used items benefits everyone involved.

"It seems like a no-brainer," she said. The events involve the same moms every six months, and they trade stories, work together, make some money and brag about good deals with each other, she said.

"It seems to help everyone in a different way," she said. "Some want to make money, some want to save money."

There's no haggling at the event, but Hartmann said shoppers and consignors work together to get what they want.

She said the prices are cheaper than retail stores', and sellers make more than they would at yard sales or typical consignment stores. She said some consignment stores only offer a 50 percent sales return, whereas the event's consignors will receive 70 percent of their sales, or more if they volunteer at the event.

Getting and giving: Although the event is a for-profit business, there is a give-back portion that helps out the community, Hartmann said.

All proceeds from the event's "stuff-a-bag" fundraiser Saturday evening will go to children's programs at York County public libraries. For $10, shoppers will be given a plastic grocery bag to "stuff" with remaining merchandise.

Last fall's fundraiser raised almost $2,000 for Olivia's House of York, a grief and loss center for children. WeeUsables has raised nearly $10,000 for Lancaster and York charities since these events began.

After the sale, consignors may pick up their unsold items, and any left behind are donated to local charities.

York WeeUsables Consignment Event Hours:


9-10 a.m.: Volunteer Pre-Sale

10 a.m.-noon: Consignor Pre-Sale

11 a.m.-noon: New Moms/Grandparents Shopping (must be pre-registered)

Noon-8 p.m.: Public Sale (Kids' Fun Night 5-7 p.m. featuring "Downtown" from the York Revolution)


7-9 a.m.: Public Sale

9-10 a.m.: Volunteer Half-Off Event

10 a.m.-1 p.m.: Public Half-Off Event

6-7 p.m.: Stuff-A-Bag for $10 benefiting York County Public Libraries

Free admission. Visit www.weeusablesevent.com to register for the event.

Organizers are still looking for volunteers. In exchange for their time, volunteers get perks, such as shopping before the events go public. Volunteer opportunities are available to both consignors and the public.

For more information or to register for the event, visit weeusablesevent.com or www.facebook.com/WeeUsables.

- Reach Mollie Durkin at mdurkin@yorkdispatch.com.