West Yorkers can't take any more embarrassment by West York Council members Brian Wilson, Shelley Metzler, Annette Christine and Dawn Shue. They have made a total mockery of the system, and it seems they have no shame whatsoever.

This has been going on since 2008, starting with the antics of Shawn Maulk, Wilson and Metzler. Just like the recent vote by these four individuals to accept a blindsided police contract masterminded by the Teamsters Union, they pulled the same stunt in 2008 when there were no negotiations and taxpayers got jacked for huge police pay increases.

Maulk fled West York after his infamous police die-cast car debacle. And who can forget Wilson's idiotic idea to spend taxpayer money on squealers to be installed in our parks that only adolescents could hear to send them scrambling. The borough solicitor should have nipped the Shue charade in the bud at the March 4 borough meeting when she was called on the phone in West Virginia by Metzler to cast her vote. By law, Shue should have been a participant during the entire meeting and that did not happen.

After that, Wilson, Metzler, Christine and West Virginia resident Shue conspired with the Teamsters Union and West York Police to blindside the other responsible council members with the police contract, ignoring the borough solicitor's (who was not at the meeting) pleas to table it for now. The York Dispatch nailed it when they labeled these individuals as immature and irresponsible.


If these individuals are not voted out in the next election, I fear there will be dire consequences for West York taxpayers for years to come.

Tim Berkheimer

West York