Caterpillar Inc. is still deciding whether or not to close its York Distribution Center.

Though the manufacturer's initial plan was to reach a decision by the end of March, the company is still investigating the issue, spokesman Jim Dugan said on Wednesday.

"We are not giving a specific timeframe. We are continuing to investigate options and want to take the time needed to reach our decision," he said.

The facility at 600 Memory Lane in Springettsbury Township employs 250 workers.

Those workers were first notified in September that the company was contemplating a sourcing decision to move or shift the processing of dealer stock and emergency parts orders to another facility in the eastern United States.

And they have been recently notified that a decision hasn't been made, Dugan said.

"We have already communicated to our employees in York that we have not yet reached a decision, but that as soon as we reach a decision, we will communicate with them directly to let them know what has been decided," he said.

No reason has been given for why the move is being considered.

If Caterpillar decides to close the York facility, the move would take effect in 2014, Dugan said.

The Illinois-based heavy equipment manufacturer closed a much larger local facility in 1996, eliminating 1,100 jobs. Most of those jobs were held by members of the United Auto Workers, who had years of difficult contract negotiations and strikes, including one that lasted 15 months.


The 126-acre plant site at 601 Memory Lane in Springettsbury Township was sold in 2002 for about $10 million and became the York Business Center.

Local Caterpillar operations began in 1955, and the company has been in York County for nearly 60 years.

To keep the company from moving out of the county, local business leaders and politicians have reached out to company officials, but they said they haven't been able to start a dialogue with Caterpillar executives.- Candy Woodall can also be reached at