As an avid fisherman, Bill Hixon has dealt with his share of chilly mornings.

But, since trout season opened in York County on March 30, those cold mornings have seemed colder to the 64-year-old Seven Valleys resident.

Waking up to 30-degree weather "felt more like winter than spring," he said.

That's why Sunday was such a welcome change, Hixon said.

"I heard it will be 65 and sunny today," he said. "Heck, that's T-shirt weather."

Hixon was one of many sportsmen fishing Sunday at the York Reservoir in Jacobus.

Other Yorkers chose to hit the Rail Trail.

Several bikers, walkers and joggers were on the trail, and Samantha Mitchell said she couldn't wait to be among them.

"I've been waiting for this," she said of the better weather.

Even though the 29-year-old Springfield Township resident still rode her bike during many of York's snow-free, winter days, Mitchell said it's a lot more fun to ride "when it's nice outside."

It's also more fun for the walkers at the former Hawk Lake Golf Course in West Manchester Township, which is the site of Memorial Hospital's future medical campus.

"I tried to keep up with my walking during the winter, but you get so tired of the cold and being all bundled up," said Aggie Meyers, a 62-year-old West Manchester Township resident.

On Sunday, a lightweight jacket was the only extra layer she needed, she said.

"And this week it's supposed to be in the 70s. I can't wait," Meyers said.

Readings rising: Monday's temperature will reach a high of 70, and there's also a chance of stray showers, according to Dan Tomaso, a meteorologist at abc27 WHTM.

Tuesday and Wednesday will warm up to 75 and 80, respectively, according to WHTM.

Though it will be warmer on Thursday, with a high of 78, there's also a chance of a thunderstorm.

"The majority of the week will be dry, but we could get a good springtime rainfall on Thursday, maybe up to a half inch (of precipitation)," Tomaso said.

Both rainfall and temperatures are getting into more of a springtime pattern, he said.

"We seemed to have lost the colder weather pattern we were stuck in at the end of March," Tomaso said. "It certainly looks better than it did two weeks ago."

For most of March, and April thus far, the region has experienced below-average temperatures, according to the National Weather Service.

In March, temperatures were 3.1 degrees below normal, said David Martin, a meteorologist with the weather service.

Last month, 23 days were below average, seven days were above average and one day was at normal temperature for the York County region, he said.

In April, five days have been below average, and one day has been normal, according to Martin.

December and January were warmer than usual, with temperatures hovering 2.2 degrees above average temperatures for the local winter season, he said.

But in February, the trend changed, Martin said.

"The jet stream shifted further south, and it got a lot cooler," he said.

Approaching mid-April, things are finally starting to warm up, Martin said.

"We're starting to see what we'd expect from spring," he said.

Your spring almanac:

March days at above-average temperatures: 1, 7-12. Total = 7 days

March days at below-average temperatures: 2-5, 13-31. Total = 23 days

March days at normal temperatures: 6. Total = 1 day

April days at above-average temperatures: 0

April days at below-average temperatures: 1-4, 6. Total = 5 days

April days at normal temperatures: 5. Total = 1 day

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