Jeff Fortney stared at his burnt home Monday as firefighters repeatedly entered and exited the structure after knocking down the blaze.

Fortney's daughter, Ashlea, placed several charred photo albums on the ground beside him.

"That's all I've found so far," she said before walking away.

Fortney looked down at the albums and then back at the two-story brick house.

"I'm overwhelmed," he said. "We'll see if anything is left."

The Fortneys were not injured, and their pets survived the house fire at their home at 1745 Camp Betty Washington Road in York Township.

Jeff Fortney said his daughter noticed that a fire had started on their back porch shortly after 5 p.m.. He immediately called 911, but tried to use a garden hose to battle the blaze until firefighters arrived.

Fortney said a "good Samaritan" who was driving through the area stopped to help the family get the pets out of the house. She also helped pull out the water hose, Fortney said.

"Whoever she is, I thank her," he said.

She is Julie Golden, who lived down the road from the house. She said she was on her way home from work when she saw the fire.

The Fortneys have a 9-year-old Lab-Australian cattle dog mix named Jasmine, two guinea pigs and five cats. They were able to find two of the cats after the fire started.

Firefighters, who were dispatched to the scene at 5:20 p.m., eventually found the other three cats alive, said Yoe Fire Co. Lt. Tim Stem.

He said more than 50 firefighters took five minutes to knock down the blaze. He said the fire is not suspicious, but a State Police fire marshal and a York Area Regional Police detective were called to the scene to investigate the incident.

Stem said the fire caused an extensive amount of damage to the home, but the damage amount is still being determined by investigators, he said.

The home is uninhabitable, Stem said. The scene was cleared shortly after 10 p.m., he said. Fortney said the pets will be taken to an extended family member's house. He said the family also will accept help from the York-Adams County Chapter of the American Red Cross and make arrangements to stay with his wife's family.

Fortney said his family has homeowner's insurance and will look into restoration to continue living there. The family has lived at the home for about eight years, he said.

Fortney said in addition to his daughter, he lives in the home with his wife, Jean, their son, Collin, and a granddaughter. Collin and the granddaughter were not at home when the fire started. Assisting at the scene were firefighters from Dallastown, Red Lion, Wrightsville, Yorkana and York Township.

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