The state Department of Environmental Protection is investigating a sewage leak in a creek near a construction project in Red Lion.

The leak initially was investigated by the Red Lion Fire Department, which called DEP at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, said Lisa Kasianowitz, DEP spokesman.

The fire department reported that the water in Fishing Creek -- near East High Street -- had a blue discoloration, she said.

DEP emergency responders arrived at 4:45 p.m., did oxygen and pH tests, as well as visual and smell assessments.

They determined that the water was actually gray, but seemed to have a blue discoloration because of the light's reflection on the creek, Kasianowitz said.

The smell was that of raw sewage that was flowing from a possibly cracked sewage pipe near a construction project area, Kasianowitz said.

The construction activity might have caused the six-inch sewage pipe to crack below the road causing raw sewage to enter the stream, she said.

DEP will excavate the area above the pipe Wednesday morning to confirm whether the pipe is indeed cracked, Kasianowitz said.

"The rate of water flow from the pipe is minimum and there's no water intake downstream," she said. "Responders saw no ... aquatic life killed. There's no problem with drinking water. People are safe."

--Reach Eyana Adah McMillan at emcmilla