Watching Dallastown Area High School performing arts shows won't be a pain in the butt this fall.

After being put off several times, the school board is pursuing replacement of the auditorium seating at the high school, as well as the middle school.

The project, with an estimated cost of $257,241, is set for a vote at the April 18 meeting, and appears to have the support of the board.

"This isn't something we just decided to do," board member Don Jasmann said during Thursday's meeting. "We've been putting them off for many, many years."

More than a decade, it turns out.

District officials said the seat replacement was originally part of the high school and middle school renovation in the 1990s, but was pulled for budget reasons. And in later years, the idea would be brought up but then put off.

Dallastown hasn't had a tax increase in two years, putting the district in a better position to put through such a request. And the seats, by all accounts, are way past their useful lifespan. Some of the seats are unusable.

High School principal Alan Fauth estimated the 800 or so seats are 50 years old and are original; the middle school seats are similarly worn.

In other news, the Dallastown Area School Board will hold a budget-focused public forum at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 25, at Dallastown Area Intermediate School. The budget will be voted on in May.

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