The family of a woman seriously injured in a hit-and-run crash in Springettsbury Township last month has turned to the Internet to track down the driver and passenger of a truck that fled the scene.

"We would like to get these people who left a person injured at the scene," said the woman's sister, Joyce Gahagan. Janet Gahagan of North York suffered a broken vertebra, a sprained groin and other injuries in the Sunday, March 22, crash at the York Galleria mall.

In the roughly three weeks since the crash, her family has been caring for her, and all are left wondering where the people are who fled the crash, leaving Gahagan seriously injured.

Crash: Janet Gahagan had been out to eat at a nearby restaurant and a friend dropped her off at her car in the mall parking lot the night of the crash.

As she was driving her Subaru Legacy out of the lot onto Pleasant Valley Road about 11 p.m., it was hit at the driver's side door by a white pickup truck, Gahagan said.

Gahagan said she lost consciousness during the crash and woke to see a man, who was a passenger in the truck, shaking her car in an effort to dislodge the truck.

The female driver of the truck asked Gahagan if she was OK before she was called back to the truck by the man.

"He was calling her to come to the truck because they did not have insurance," Gahagan said.

It took the man between 10 to 15 minutes to dislodge the truck.

The duo got back in the truck with the man at the wheel and left Gahagan, who said she was going in and out of consciousness, in her crumpled car.


Someone finally called 911 just before midnight, almost an hour after the crash happened, authorities and Gahagan said.

What Gahagan remembers next are the first responders pulling her from the wreckage and preparing to take her to York Hospital.

Evidence: The man and woman did leave some evidence behind, and police were able to determine the make and model of the white pickup truck, said Officer Justin Kinard of Springettsbury Township Police.

"A vehicle part ... of the striking vehicle (was located at the scene) and was later found to belong to a 2006-2007 Chevy pickup truck," he said in an email.

About a week after the crash, Janet Gahagan's family turned to Facebook to help find the man and woman. Joyce Gahagan, of New York state, posted about the crash on her Facebook page and shared it with friends in York County.

From there it spread, and a number of people have contacted Joyce Gahagan with tips. She has directed them to call police.

"We'd like to get these people just so they can recognize what they did," Joyce Gahagan said of the man and woman in the truck.

Rehab: Janet Gahagan spent two days in York Hospital and has since returned home. In the weeks since the crash, her family has been caring for her. Joyce Gahagan drives to the area from New York each weekend to help tend to her sister.

What Janet Gahagan said she wants most is to be able to return to her job at Visiting Angels, a business that provides home care to the elderly, where she's been caring for a 95-year-old Alzheimer's patient for more than two years.

To get to that point, she is undergoing physical therapy.

"I'm doing a little better now," Janet Gahagan said. "At the beginning it was painful."

Sought: As she recovers, Janet Gahagan said she's left wondering why the man and woman left her seriously injured.

"It's really hard for me to understand why they just left," she said. "What if they did this to other people?"

Police describe the man as a white male with shorter hair and the woman as a white female with long brown hair.

"The striking vehicle should have heavy front end damage to it as (Janet) Gahagan's vehicle was severely damaged from the collision," he said.

Anyone who has information about the crash or may have seen the truck is asked to call Springettsbury Township Police at 717-757-3525.

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