One person has surrendered a firearm to the York City Police Department since officials announced a new initiative last week designed to curb gun violence in the city's streets.

Police Chief Wes Kahley said the firearm was dropped off anonymously Monday afternoon.

As Mayor Kim Bracey promised in a news conference last week, the police accepted the gun without asking questions, Kahley said.

"We didn't ask. That's what we promised. We wanted to stick to that," Kahley said.

That policy, of course, means police don't yet know if the surrendered firearm had been obtained illegally or whom it most recently belonged to. But, that's also the point.

Officials are hoping parents of troubled teens will take advantage of an opportunity to disarm their kids without risking criminal charges.

"Once again, this is an option," Kahley said. "We didn't feel this would end gun violence in the city or take every single gun off the street."

Using the relevant databases, police will check to see if surrendered guns were stolen or used in the commission of a crime, Kahley said. Guns that don't fit into those categories will be destroyed, he added.

Response to killing: Bracey had called last week's press conference in response to the city's most recent homicide.

Joseph A. Gomez Jr., 17, died April 13 in the McDonald's parking lot at 142 S. George St. -- just across the street from City Hall.


Authorities have said Gomez was shot multiple times. Police investigating the case have arrested Flair Lamont Griggs, 16, and charged him with homicide and possession of a firearm by a minor.

Kahley said he's hopeful the gun dropoff idea will spur conversation about more ideas.

"It's something that you can't arrest your way out of," he said. "There has to be more discussion. There has to be more of an effort to the prevention side of things."

Firearms can be dropped off at the police department, 50 W. King St.

Kahley has asked that people inform the police department about an illegal gun first through the city's anonymous tip lines. Call 849-2204 or text YORKTIPS at 847411.

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