The West York council is expected to decide the professional fate of one of its police officers after a closed-door hearing was held Monday.

Bridgette Wilson has been suspended from the West York Police Department since March 2011, when she was accused of illegally taping phone calls.

Two counts of interception, disclosure or use of wire, electronic or oral communications were dismissed by a York County judge two months ago.

The ruling has since been appealed to the state Superior Court, her attorney, Joe Korsak, said.

With the charges dismissed, Wilson, 42, of Timber Drive in Manor Township, Lancaster County, could return to work if the borough council allows her to do so, Korsak said.

During her hearing, which involved police Chief Justin Seibel, borough solicitor Mieke Driscoll, a union representative, Wilson and Korsak on Monday, Korsak, said he presented exhibits he says exonerate Wilson from eight charges the borough police department say are grounds for her termination.

Phone calls: One of the charges alleges that Wilson didn't call Seibel once a week to check in with him as he requested her to do.

After the hearing, Korsak provided The York Dispatch with a copy of Wilson's cellphone bill from March and April that shows she called Seibel's department-issued and personal cellphones every Monday for at least two months. Another copy was also presented to Driscoll and Seibel.


The records show Seibel didn't answer the calls. Korsak said he doesn't know why Seibel requested in May 2012 that Wilson to check in with him weekly.

"It was never explained to us under what authority he had to do that," Korsak said.

Another accusation is that Wilson never returned her badge, an identification card, uniform shirts and a flashlight to the department.

However, Korsak presented receipts he said show that Wilson bought the shirts and badge herself.

Other accusations include criminal charges filed against Wilson in York and Lancaster counties. All charges have since been dismissed.

Open hearing? Before the hearing, Korsak said it would be open to a reporter because Wilson invited one to attend.

But as the hearing was about to start, Driscoll and Seibel said the hearing is closed because it's an "internal meeting."

Both declined comment after the hearing.

The findings of the hearing are to be presented to borough council members, who will vote on whether or not to terminate Wilson.

The council did not take any action on Wilson during its meeting Monday night but did meet in executive session following the meeting to discuss a police personal matter.

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