The state-appointed chief recovery officer for the York City School District doesn't want to lose any time attracting charter-school students back to the district.

In a presentation to the school board Wednesday, David Meckley said he is recommending the district include an additional $1.7 million in its 2013-14 budget to make immediate changes.

If those changes attract 170 charter students back to the district, the expense will pay for itself with tuition funneled through the state, Meckley said.

He advised the district to set a goal of increasing its enrollment next school year by 250 students.

That would give the district a "jumpstart" on its recovery plan, Meckley said.

The $1.7 million would pay for improved reading and math programs, additional behavior support staff and a new discipline program called Cornerstone.

The district, Meckley said, needs to show parents, "We want you now."

Meckley gave a brief presentation Wednesday about the district's "internal transformation" plan, which he and 20 community members settled on after months of meetings. Their second choice would have been a conversion to all charter schools.

The process was kicked off when the state placed York City schools in "moderate" financial recovery, appointing Meckley to craft a plan for the board to vote on. The district will be obligated to follow through on the plan once the board approves it, which could happen next month.


Board members asked a few questions Wednesday but not deliberate on the recommendation.

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