Police found 48 marijuana plants in the bed of a Hanover man’s truck.
Police found 48 marijuana plants in the bed of a Hanover man's truck. (Courtesy West Manheim Township Police)

A Hanover man called 911 on his estranged wife -- only to have the whole situation turned around on him.

Monday morning, David Megenhardt called 911 with a trespassing complaint. He said his estranged wife of several years, Leslie Megenhardt, stayed at his residence for the past two nights while he was out of town and was refusing to leave. When she refused West Manheim Township Police's repeated commands to leave, they arrested her for trespassing.

But after that, she told officers that Megenhardt was growing marijuana in a shed in the backyard.

When officers searched the shed, they found items used for marijuana production, and evidence suggested that the plants had recently been removed and loaded into a vehicle.

Officers noted that Megenhardt's pickup truck was not at his house, so they went looking for it, finding it hidden behind a barn at his girlfriend's former address just south of the Mason-Dixon line in Carroll County.

The enclosed bed of Megenhardt's truck was packed with marijuana plants and growing equipment, police said. A search warrant was served on the truck, and police seized 48 potted marijuana plants, numerous loose marijuana leaves, stems, stalks, bags of packaged marijuana, buckets connected by irrigation tubing, multiple marijuana smoking devices and other paraphernalia, police said.

The street value of the marijuana that would have been cultivated from the plants at maturity is between $40,000 and $50,000, police said.

David Megenhardt was charged by West Manheim Police with possession with the intent to manufacture marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence, criminal use of a communication facility and possession of instruments of crime. He was arraigned at central booking on $10,000 bail. Maryland charges are pending.

Leslie Megenhardt was charged with trespassing and theft, as well as possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, which police said were found in her possession. She was arraigned at central booking on $2,500 bail.

Penn Township Police, Maryland State Police, Carroll County Sheriff's Department, Carroll County Drug Task Force and the West Manheim Public Works Department assisted with the incident.