Of the three Republican candidates vying for York County Coroner, voters on Tuesday chose the one person who doesn't currently work in the coroner's office.

Voters passed on Steve Cosey and Onalee Gilbert, who have both worked as deputy coroners for 15 years, and sided instead with forensic nurse Pam Gay.

The two deputies could have their primary competitor as their new boss, if Gay defeats Democratic challenger Kay Strausbaugh in November.

Gay took more than 58 percent of the votes cast Tuesday with 14,631. Cosey, who was endorsed by retiring four-term incumbent Barry Bloss, captured 31 percent, or 7,773 percent. Gilbert took 2,583, for about 10 percent of the vote.

The voters: Republican voters at the polls Tuesday said they were most impressed by Gay's work experience as a nurse and Cosey's endorsement from the incumbent.

West Manchester Township Republican Renee Montag, 62, said Gay won her vote because she can better sympathize with people who lose a loved one.

"Anybody can go and say, 'Okay, this person's dead,'" Montag said. "But I think (Gay) has the sensitivity for working with families and helping them through traumatic situations."

Terry Emig, 57, of Dover Township said Gay got his vote because she's a forensic nurse and her experiences would in that field would contribute to her work as coroner.

"My wife's a nurse," he said. "She said to do it."

But Robert Woerner, 67, of York Township, said he was voting for Cosey because he was endorsed by the incumbent.

"Barry Bloss did a good job, and he was endorsed by Bloss," Woerner said.

He said Bloss' relation to Cosey, who's his brother-in-law, is inconsequential.

"(Cosey) can do the job," he said. "He's got the past experience."

Running unopposed on the Democratic ticket, Strausbaugh garnered 9,289 votes.

Controller: In another race for a county row office, Republicans overwhelmingly voted to nominate county controller Robb Green.

Green captured nearly 65 percent of the vote, with 13,679 votes, compared to the 35 percent, or 7,360 votes, garnered by Stewartstown Mayor Bonner Smith.

On Tuesday night, the two-term incumbent thanked voters for their support.

"I will work very hard for the next four years, as I have for the past eight," Green said.

The county controller supervises the fiscal affairs of the county, including the accounts of all county officers, and performs audits and makes sure the county meets legal financial reporting guidelines.

No Democrat filed to seek the position, so Green might be unopposed in the November general election.

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