Familiar faces and a newcomer will be taking spots on the Central York School Board ballot this fall.

Incumbent Michael Wagner took home the most votes on the Republican and Democratic side, with fellow incumbents Michael Snyder and Robert

Weikert close behind. Wagner had 17 percent of votes for Republicans, and he led the Democratic vote with 20 percent. Four seats are available.

Challenger Anne Kahlbaugh was able to take the fourth spot in both primaries, assuring her a spot in November's election, and, unless a write-in campaign emerges, one of four seats available on the board.

"I just want to do well for all citizens," Kahlbaugh said, saying Central York taxpayers need to know their money is being "fairly allocated."

Kahlbaugh's success meant the ouster of incumbent Karl Peckmann. Peckmann has served since 2005.

Dover race: The school board president was ousted in Dover's school board race. President Bryan Rehm was the lowest vote earner in both primaries.

Incumbent Charles Rauhauser also was ousted. Rehm has served since 2005, while Rauhauser was appointed in April to serve the remaining eight months of a vacated seat.

But incumbent Terry Emig was able to make the fall ballot as he seeks one of four available seats.

Challengers Stephen Cook, Kelly Mefford and Charles DeLauter were able to advance as well. Emig paced the Democratic vote with 23 percent, while on the Republican side, Cook, a field manager and sales consultant with Heritage Lawn and Landscape Care, earned the highest vote total with 22 percent.


Unless a write-in campaign occurs, Emig, Cook, Mefford, and DeLauter will earn seats on the board this fall.

Elsewhere in contested races: In Northeastern School Board Region 1, incumbent Linda Morningstar and challenger Robert Tabachini Jr. will both advance. Challenger Paul Bear was not able to make the November ballot. Region 1 includes parts of Manchester and Mt. Wolf.

Bear, who only ran in the Republican primary, got 28 percent of votes, compared to 37 percent for Morningstar and 32 percent for Tabachini, a retired superintendent.

Incumbent Margie Walker, representing District 2, and incumbent Constance Koerner, representing District 3, were not opposed.

And in West York's school board race, lone challenger George Margetas took home 1,018 of the 4,221 votes cast in the Republican primary, good enough for 24 percent to become the top vote-getter despite facing four incumbents.

Robert Crouse, with 22 percent, came in second, followed by fellow incumbents Ralph Brandt and Alan Moose.

Margetas and incumbent Jayne Shepro will also appear on the Democratic ballot.