The Boy Scouts of America's vote Thursday to allow openly gay boys isn't likely to change the local United Way's decision to stop funding area scouts in 2016.

In November, the local chapter of the United Way told York area's New Birth of Freedom Council it will give the group until 2016 to either change its policy banning openly gay youth and adults or lose its United Way funding.

The conflict arose because United Way has a policy against discrimination for sexual orientation.

Under Thursday's vote, gay adults are still banned. Robert J. Woods, executive director of United Way of York County, said he suspects his board will stick to its position until there's no discrimination.

"I would hope that by 2016 perhaps the Boy Scouts would go all the way in terms of not discriminating," he said.

In 2011, the United Way of York's community fund contributed about $165,000 to the local Boy Scouts. A separate fund, through which employees designated their donations to go directly to the local Scouts, totaled about $86,000, Woods said.

The New Birth of Freedom Council covers about 11,400 Scouts in York, Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin, Perry and Adams counties.

The United Way had to give the Boy Scouts until the end of its current partnership agreement, 2016, before implementing cuts because the agreement didn't prohibit discrimination for sexual orientation.

The provision will be added before a new agreement is signed in 2016, Woods said.


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