CHARLEROI, Pa. - A part-time police officer has lost his job in the southwestern Pennsylvania borough where his girlfriend and a female friend of hers were charged with possessing drug paraphernalia while in his personal vehicle.

Former Charleroi Officer Steve Kenyon wasn't with the women when they were allegedly found with two morphine tablets and a heroin syringe in his parked vehicle on May 15. Police also found in the car a revolver registered to Kenyon, which wasn't his service weapon.

Kenyon hasn't commented on the situation and a phone listed in his name was disconnected Friday.

Charleroi's regional police board has voted to fire Kenyon for unspecified "conduct unbecoming an officer" although he wasn't with the women and hasn't been linked to the alleged drugs.

The women are awaiting preliminary hearings next month for paraphernalia possession charges.