Division III Player of the Year Sammy Miller of Susquehannock batted .523. The Warriors’ star scored 27 runs, drove in 34 runs, stole 14 bases and
Division III Player of the Year Sammy Miller of Susquehannock batted .523. The Warriors' star scored 27 runs, drove in 34 runs, stole 14 bases and had a 2.16 ERA. (Bil Bowden)

The template for a high school baseball player of the year is pretty simple -- he does more than one thing very well.

Presenting the multi-talented 2013 York-Adams Baseball League Players of the Year.

---Division I -- Levi Krause, Spring Grove, infielder/pitcher..

---Division II -- Jesse Sargen, Northeastern, outfielder/pitcher.

---Division III -- Sammy Miller, Susquehannock, infielder/pitcher.

---Division IV -- Austin Buckley, Delone Catholic, outfielder/pitcher.

All four excelled on the mound, in the field and at the plate.

The 2013 Coaches of the Year are: Eric Zeigler, Spring Grove, Division I; Roger Czerwinski, West York, Division II; Todd Gantz, Littlestown, Division III; and Matt Baker, Hanover, Division IV.

Division I Player of the Year Levi Krause of Spring Grove batted .397, scored 16 runs, drove in 17 and compiled a 4-2 record with a sparkling 1.43 ERA.
Division I Player of the Year Levi Krause of Spring Grove batted .397, scored 16 runs, drove in 17 and compiled a 4-2 record with a sparkling 1.43 ERA. (Bil Bowden)

Krause: Krause batted .397, scored 16 runs, drove in 17 and compiled a 4-2 won-loss record with an outstanding 1.43 earned-run average.

Krause, who helped the Rockets win York-Adams Division I, plans to play NCAA Division II college baseball at California University of Pennsylvania.

"Levi loves the game and can't get enough of it," Zeigler said. "When we would come home from an away game, he would go down to the batting cage and hit. He was never satisfied."

Krause had company in the cage after games.

"Trevor (Troxel) and me would go there, and Brandon (Warner) would join us, too," Krause said. "Some of the other guys started coming down to the cage, too. You never can have enough swings."

Zeigler said that Krause matured as a hitter from his sophomore to his senior year.

"I told him before the season that you've had two really good years, people know who you are, and you're not always going to get great pitches to hit," Zeigler said. "He did a really good job this year of being patient and hitting the ball where it was pitched."

Player of the Year was a "long-time goal" for Krause, a three-year starter for he Rockets.

"It (winning the award) is pretty cool, but when I think of my senior year, it will remind me how much I'm going to be missing my teammates, who I have been playing with since I was 10," Krause said.

Sargen: Sargen crushed the ball for a .525 batting average while collecting 32 hits, 31 runs, 17 RBIs and 14 stolen bases. Sargen's 2-2 pitching record is highly misleading since his earned-run average was an excellent 1.91.

Following his team's loss in the District 3 playoffs last year, the Bobcats' standout put his goals together for the 2013 season. Player of the Year was on the list.

"I was really surprised I got it (Player of the Year)," Sargen said. "But I worked hard in the fall and over the winter getting ready for this season. I want to take my talents as far as I can."

Sargen will bid to play at college baseball's highest level when he walks on at NCAA Division I Temple University next year.

"Temple was the only school I looked at," he said. "It has a solid criminal justice program (Sargen's planned major). I live in a rural area, and I want to get in the inner city."

Miller: Miller, the only junior among the four players of the year (the others are seniors), was "stunned" to hear he was selected to receive the prestigious honor.

"I knew I had a good season, but I kind of figured there were other kids around who had played better than me," he said.

"Good season" is a major understatement.

Miller had a tremendous season.

Like Sargen, he hit safely in more than one out of every two at-bats, finishing at .523. The Warriors' star scored 27 runs, drove in 34 runs and stole 14 bases. Miller compiled a 2.16 earned-run average, struck out 36 batters in 351/3 innings and posted a 3-2 won-loss record.

"I felt comfortable at the plate all year," he said. "Coach Hare (Susquehannock head coach Tim Hare) is a great coach. He emphasized taking the ball the other way and letting (opposing) pitchers get deep in counts."

Buckley: Buckley helped Delone Catholic win its first-ever District 3-AA championship.

He batted .420 with 28 runs, 29 hits and 32 RBIs. The left-hander's earned-run average was a sparkling 1.62 with a 2-2 record. Buckley didn't commit a single error while recording 25 putouts and two assists.

Division I all-stars: The Division I first-team all-stars are:

Parker Bean, South Western, pitcher (4-2, 2.27 ERA, 56 strikeouts, 18 walks).

Tyler Butcher, Dallastown, pitcher (7-2, 3.22 ERA, 46 strikeouts, 20 walks).

Drew Landis, Red Lion, catcher (.457, 22 runs, 21 hits, 18 RBIs).

Bishop Elder, South Western, infielder (.392, 15 runs, 20 hits, 12 RBIs).

Zach Luman, Dallastown, infielder (.359, four runs, 23 hits, 13 RBIs).

Nick Spangler, Spring Grove, infielder (.429, 16 runs, 27 hits, 17 RBIs).

Brandon Warner, Spring Grove, infielder (.379, 12 runs, 25 hits, 16 RBIs).

Rob Catchings, Dallastown, outfielder (.355, 23 runs, 22 hits, nine RBIs.

Tanner Forry, Dallastown, outfielder (.365, 19 runs, 23 hits, 17 RBIs).

Brady Taylor, Red Lion, outfielder (.429, 14 runs, 21 hits, 25 RBIs).

Matt Attig, Dallastown, designated hitter (.375, nine runs, 21 hits, 15 RBIs).

Division II all-stars: The Division II first team all-stars are:

Joe Prego, West York, pitcher (8-2, two saves, 1.52 ERA).

Matt Belt, Kennard-Dale, pitcher (3-1, one save, 2.18 ERA, 45 strikeouts).

Austin Kibler, New Oxford, infielder (.308, 14 runs, 20 hits, five RBIs).

Jason Cooper, Kennard-Dale, infielder (.308, 14 runs, 14 hits, seven RBIs).

Brandon Kinneman, West York, infielder (.457, 14 runs, 28 hits, 12 RBIs).

Steve Shimkus, Northeastern, infielder (.364, 16 runs, .400 slugging percentage).

Chase James, West York, outfielder (.388, 22 runs, 33 hits, 14 RBIs).

Dan Hare, Kennard-Dale, outfielder (.383, eight runs, 18 hits, 10 RBIs).

Grant Hoover, Dover, outfielder (.441, 14 runs, 30 hits, 11 RBIs).

Cole Bixler, West York, catcher (.294, 19 hits, 16 RBIs, threw out 43 percent of base runners).

Nick Yinger, Northeastern, designated hitter (.393, 15 runs, 24 hits, 16 RBIs).

Division III all-stars: The Division III first team all-stars are:

Terry Godfrey, Eastern, pitcher (4-3, 1.61 ERA, 61 strikeouts in 52 innings).

Logan Mummert, Littlestown, catcher (.404, 18 runs, 15 RBIs).

Clayton Miller, Eastern, catcher (.352, 16 runs, 19 hits, 11 RBIs).

Ryan Kehr, Littlestown, infielder (.349, 18 runs, 11 RBIs).

Connor Hood, Susquehannock, infielder (.389, 21 hits, 16 RBIs).

Mike Moore, Bermudian Springs, infielder (.323, 17 runs, 20 hits, 14 RBIs).

Spencer Strickler, York Suburban, infielder (.404, seven runs, nine RBIs).

Josh Houser, Susquehannock, infielder (.355, 22 hits, 28 RBIs).

Dalton Renn, Eastern, infielder (.319; 16 runs, 22 hits, 15 RBIs).

Kai Hess, Littlestown, outfielder (.431, 22 runs, 26 RBIs).

Bryan Kerr, Susquehannock, outfielder (.419, 18 runs, 26 hits, 26 RBIs).

Trevor Yinger, Bermudian Springs, outfielder (.333, 10 runs, 19 hits, 10 RBIs).

A.J. Hammond, York Suburban (.272, 10 runs, 10 RBIs, .548 slugging percentage).

Division IV all-stars: The Division IV all-stars are:

Dalton Haymaker, Delone Catholic, pitcher (5-1, 1.36 ERA, 38 strikeouts, 17 walks).

Josh Elsen, York Catholic, catcher (.377, 11 runs, 23 hits, 11 RBIs).

Koby Griest, Biglerville, first baseman (.413, 10 runs, 19 hits, 11 RBIs).

Brandon Etzler, Hanover, second baseman (.400, 14 runs, 24 hits, 20 RBIs).

Zac Sheaffer, Hanover, third baseman (.463, 10 runs, 25 hits, 18 RBIs).

Brett Smith, Delone Catholic, shortstop (.448, 34 runs, 30 hits, 21 RBIs).

Zach Sheets, Biglerville, shortstop (.500, 15 runs, 26 hits, 19 RBIs).

Erich Hartman, York Catholic, shortstop (.397, 20 runs, 27 hits, 22 RBIs).

Tanner Orndorff, Delone Catholic, outfield (.359, 18 runs, 28 hits, 32 RBIs).

Clint Bohn, York Catholic, outfield (.391, 23 runs, 27 hits, 22 RBIs).

Brad Irvin, Hanover, outfield (.455, 15 runs, 20 hits, eight RBIs.

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