Steam Into History's locomotive is back on track, having been repaired after engineers stopped running it June 22 because it was making unusual noises.

The train was back up and running Saturday, a week after it left a group of about 160 would-be riders by the tracks, said Debi Beshore, manager of sales and administration for the New Freedom-based nonprofit.

Beshore said engineers had located the problem, a valve that was too tight, and were able to address it.

The train was expected to run three times per day, six days per week, between now and Labor Day. The attraction is closed Mondays.

But Beshore said organizers are planning to cut back the number of runs to two-per-day on most days to be easier on the train and give it more time for resting.

The train took its maiden voyage on the first weekend in June, but the weekend of the 21st was its grand opening.

The Civil War-era replica locomotive pulls passengers in coaches between the attraction's train station and museum store in New Freedom and Hanover Junction, chugging alongside the York County Heritage Rail Trail County Park.

Called York #17, the engine is modeled after the locomotive that carried Abraham Lincoln along the same route on his way to deliver the Gettysburg Address.

The attraction cost more than $7 million, funded by private donations.

Organizers have said the train is expected to log 40,000 visitors in its first year, with crowds expected in late June and early July as the Civil War reenactments in Gettysburg attract millions of people.


Beshore estimated the organization will generate about $9 million per year in economic impact, some in sales at the attraction, but mostly at nearby businesses such as restaurants and hotels.

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