The 150th anniversary re-enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg, organized by the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee, continues Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Redding Farm, 1085 Table Rock Road.

If you're planning to attend, here's what to expect:

Food: Hungry spectators can choose from a variety of available, but pricey, foods. Water and soda sell for $3 per bottle. Pizza is available for $3 per slice or $16 per pie. Hotdogs are $4. Cheeseburgers and barbecue sandwiches are $5. Each of the following is selling for $8: chicken tenders, grilled chicken pitas, grilled portobello pitas and Philly cheesesteaks. Looking for something healthy? Apple wedges are $4 a pop.

Tickets: For people ages 13 and over, tickets are $35 for one day and $90 for all four days. Tickets for ages 6-12 are $15 for one day and $40 for four. Ages 5 and under are free. Grandstand seating is an additional $15 to $60 for spectators of all ages.

Parking: Parking is free at the event. Follow the signs and traffic directors to available lots.

Bag check: Everyone carrying a bag must submit to a bag check at the re-enactment's entrance. Spectators are allowed to bring their own food and drink. Alcohol and weapons are prohibited.

Attire: The event - which includes the battlefield, both Union and Confederate camps, a sutler's area, food stands, living-history and music tents - covers a large area at the Redding Farm. Wear good walking shoes! Also consider a hat and sunglasses.

Other stuff: For those planning to watch the battles, consider bringing a chair. An ATM is available near the event entrance. Commemorative programs and souvenir tote bags are selling for $3 each.